Wearable Vibrators – Where to Start if You Want In On The Fun

Wearable Vibrators – Where to Start if You Want In On The Fun

Contrary to popular belief wearable vibrators aren’t just for women and they definitely don’t need to be kept in the bedroom. With technology advancing everyday these toys are quieter and more discreet than ever before. Whether you just want something to antagonise your partner with while you’re both at home together. Or something to give your vagina muscles a workout if you’re a woman. Maybe something to make them squirm during a time you’re not even in the country, a wearable vibrator is definitely the way to go.

What are Wearable Vibrators? 

There are 2 main types of remote controls when it comes to these toys.

First up there’s the standard hand held remote that will typically reach 10 metres (30 feet).

These are super convenient when you and your partner only want to use the toy when you’re with each other.  They’re also generally fairly small and will easily and discreetly fit into your pocket.

These remotes do have a few solid downfalls though, the majority of them are battery powered. So if you’re out and midway through using the toy the remote could just die. Leaving the toy on whatever mode it was last set to. These remotes are also universal to their brands.  Meaning that if someone within that 10 metre radius also has a toy from the same brand there’s a good chance you’ll end up controlling them instead of your partner.

Second type of remote for these toys is your phone

A select few adult toy brands have gone the extra mile and developed their own apps to allow for complete control over the products they produce no matter the distance.  The specifics depend upon each app as these brands have obviously developed them separate from each other but they all work in a relatively similar manor.

Sex toy connects to the wearers phone via bluetooth and then the wearer and their partners phones connect via wifi so the partner may have control over the device.  Majority of app enabled sex toys also come with a small handheld remote for when you just don’t need the app. Which is great if you’re using the toy whilst in the same room together.

Besides the long distance connectivity the apps enable more functionality for the toy.

We-Connect & Oh!MiBod Remote for example both allow for their users to create their own vibration modes and control the vibrations in real time. Plus the technology involved means that you can’t accidentally control someone else’s toy.

Although using your phone to control a toy that’s being worn seems like a great way to be discreet in public. You need to be looking at your phone to be changing patterns and vibration intensities which can easily distract from the moment.

Panty Vibes

Moving on to the actual sex toys, let’s start with the obvious… panty vibes.

Pretty much every remote controllable bullet can be put in the gusset of your underwear to function as a wearable vibrator. But the question that needs to be asked with this one isn’t “can I?” it’s “should I?” Because do you really want a small cylindrical object rattling around in the front of your underwear?


Excluding this type of panty vibe you’re left with a surprisingly small pool of others.

Brands like Evolved have brought out panty vibes that actually take into account the shape of a vagina. Are shaped to sit against the clitoris and vaginal entrance comfortably. These toys still have the disadvantage of being designed to be situated within your gusset. Although this improved shape lowers the toys movement during use it doesn’t get rid of it.

The Nex 1 by OhMiBod is one of the toys with this type of ergonomically altered shapes. It even employs the use of the OhMiBod app to allow for control from any distance. But this toy still relies on your underwear to not just fall out of your pants.

Last but certainly not least when it comes to panty vibes is the We-Vibe Moxie. As you’ve probably been able to surmise one of the largest problems with this type of toy is the fact that it’s bound to move around in your underwear. Might even fall out which isn’t exactly what you want to happen especially within a public setting.

So how does the Moxie differ?

Well We-Vibe has created an incredibly simple way for you to wear a clit vibe without having to rely on a gusset. Without having to worry about any movement of the toy within your underwear. Magnets. That’s quite literally it.  We-Vibe designed Moxie with a flat magnetic back and provides 2 small oval magnets of the same turquoise colour and external material. The overall idea is to place the toy in your underwear against the clitoris.

It even has a small mound so it fits perfectly between the labia majora to provide both comfort and direct stimulation. Then on the other side of your underwear you snap on 1 of the provided magnets. Making Moxie the first and so far only underwear vibe to incorporate magnets within its design in this way to provide you with a worry free toy for any occasion.

Besides the sex toys overall design it’s also compatible with the We-Connect app and comes with a handy bluetooth remote.

On our excursion from external to internal wearable vibes

We have the We-Vibe Chorus which is essentially a wearable rabbit vibrator. Both internal and external stimulators that can be controlled via its squeezable bluetooth remote or their app We-Connect.

If you’ve ever seen a rabbit vibe you’re probably wondering how in the actual fuck was this made wearable?

Well We-Vibe kinda switched things up a bit to make it the ultimate couples toy and wearable vibrator for anyone with a vag. Chorus is C shaped with the larger top being meant to rest on the clitoris and the thinner lower portion meant to target the g-spot. Though the big thing that makes this toy differ from We-Vibe’s lower models and the similar designs of other brands, is the spine within the bend of the C through the lower half.

This skeletal feature is essential to the wearability of the toy and the real feature that separates it from its competitors, the spine is what keeps the Chorus from moving about during sex and whilst being worn. It also allows the wearer to mould the curves of the toy to their body. Because at the end of the day no ones genitals are identical to anyone elses. Everyone’s coochie is unique, like a snowflake with the ability to contract venereal diseases.

G-Spot Only, Eggs and Kegel Balls

Traipsing completely away from the clit we have g-spot only toys, eggs and vibrating kegel balls galore.

Because these toys are all fully internal you don’t have to worry about any form of movement. You’re free to even wear no underwear with them. But because they all have some form of tail for easy removal I probably wouldn’t go balls to the wall with the first use. Generally being in public with no underwear can end up being too anxiety inducing for anyone to be having fun.

Instead maybe leave that to when you’re home or 100% comfortable with the toy.  A massive host of different brands have released a good couple hundred or so egg and kegel vibes.  Let’s minimise that selection.  First up you’ll notice a lot of these types of vibes will come with a tail that is some type of flimsy string/wire/whatever material. That will 9/10 times end up snapping the first time you try to remove the toy. Means you’re gonna have to dig to get out the actual toy portion.

What you want to see instead of this is a tail that is an actual part of the toy. Instead of something that’s just been attached. This also affects the cleanliness of the toy, if the tail is of a porous material it can easily absorb, hold and transfer bacteria.

Lelo brought out their egg vibe

Lyla 2 and kegel vibe the Hula Beads a while ago. Unfortunately they haven’t really updated their technologies within recent years. Both of these wearable vibes have a thinner tether that could be easy to snap for some people. Although its thin it isn’t of a porous material and is easy to keep sanitary.

Both these toys only have 8 vibration patterns each and are controlled by a rather large bluetooth remote. That is not only pretty easy to spot in a public setting but also works on an open frequency. Meaning that your toy could end up being controlled by a stranger who’s just trying to control their own toy and vice versa.

This also means that if you and your partner are at home and trying to use multiple remote controlled Lelo toys at once there’s a high chance you’ll spend a good amount of time trying to set up the remotes. More time trying to ensure the toys are doing what you want.

Nu Sensuelle

If you don’t want to spend mass amounts of money on a wearable egg NU Sensuelle has your back with their Petite Egg. String is similar to Lelo’s, being thin but still easy to keep hygienic. It actually has 15 functions nearly doubling the amount in the Lelo products.  The remote is the same type as Lelo’s but it’s much more compact and discreet. It’s also rechargeable and submersible unlike Lelo’s which is battery powered and isn’t advised to be used in water at all.

We-Vibe’s egg and kegel toys

Jive and Bloom are both compatible with the We-Connect app. Although neither come with a bluetooth remote so your one and only method of control is the app, unless you want to be pressing the button on the toy which is 100% impossible on the Bloom and only less so on the Jive.

Overall for these 2 products there’s just way too heavy a reliance on the app and this is far from ideal, but the toys themselves are both powerful, quiet and high quality.

The same issues can be seen with OhMiBod’s egg and kegel toys.  Esca 2 and Lovelife Krush, both again are incredible internal massagers with well engineered app controllability. But the absence of a separate handheld bluetooth remote just leaves them lacking in the versatility department.

Flipping and reversing it we have wearable anal vibes

That’s right you can become a bee with a buzzing ass if you so see fit.

Anal vibes as a general can be worn by anyone of any gender because at the end of the day we’ve all got an ass. But not all anal vibes are wearable and not all are remote controllable. There’s also a massive variety of shape, sizes and styles when it comes to things you can stuff up your butt. So finding an anal vibe you can go out to town with it inserted is a good bit harder than it looks.

A really important thing to note when it comes to anal vibes is that a good portion of them are made to not be wearable.

For example anything without a base that curves upwards towards the body of the toy, will not be something you can ever wear in public. The base will be too noticeable. Toys designed like this generally aren’t meant to be worn with clothes let alone whilst you’re sitting down.  Also a surprising amount of vibrating anal toys come with no remote controllability. Meaning you have to reach all the way around to change the function or turn the toy on/off. Incredibly inconvenient and gives you no real way to actually wear the toy.

Beaded Vibes

First up I want to start with beaded vibes. Simply because my personal favourite anal brand B-Vibe has 2 absolutely spectacular wearable vibrating anal beads. Both the Triplet (with 3 beads) and the Cinco (with 5) have a curved base and multiple motors. As well as a universal bluetooth remote.

The toys are also created with a near medical grade silicone. Can be worn in the shower, therefore cleaning is made as easy as it can be for something that vibrates.  Although these vibes are both super easy to use and clean, they utilise a universal remote system making it difficult to use multiple within the same proximity. Completely impossible for any long-distance controllability. But considering these toys are beads they’re perfect for any experience level. Don’t require any previous anal training. But can still be enjoyed by those with a plethora of anal play behind them.

We-Vibe has released a high quality take on the concept

Ditto is a plug with a curved base and slightly bulbous asymmetrical head. Although like the majority of the aforementioned products from this brand the Ditto doesn’t come with a remote. Other than the app making any kind of technical issues a massive hit to using the toy.

Considering the shape of the Ditto we can see that this toy is a really great shape/size combo for anyone looking into anal toys whether or not they have any real experience with anal play or training.

Moving from these big brands there’s a pretty wide variety of smaller companies with high quality wearable anal vibes within their repertoires. An important one to note is NU Sensuelle, of which continuously releases vibes for every orifice. Currently NU has a few wearable anal vibes available although the newest is the Power Plug. The toy is fully silicone with an anchor shaped base perfect for discretion.

Like NU’s earlier mentioned products this plus does only come with a universal remote which limits its abilities. But the toy as a whole is uber powerful and comes without the price tag of some premium brands.

Club Vibe

Not lacking in their tech but definitely on the smaller side when it comes to product range is OhMiBod. Their one and only anal product resides within their ClubVibe 3.0 range. Meaning the toy isn’t compatible with their app and is controlled solely by the provided remote. But has been designed specifically for a public dance setting. Making it super hard to knock out of place physically and even more discreet. Although this toy does present a higher price point and is not small enough to be utilised by those without any previous anal experience.

Now, obviously there is more to anal toys than just beads, plugs and other shapes designed for unisex use.  The cis-gendered male anatomy includes the prostate, which is essentially the male g-spot making it an internal erogenous zone for men. Regularly stimulating the prostate is not only something that can be of great pleasure. But also incredibly good for the health of this organ and reduces the risk of prostate cancer as well as promotes increased levels of ejaculate.

Which is why prostate vibes you can use on the go are such a great idea.

You’ll find that most prostate vibes are designed with a base that curves to your body. Isn’t noticeable underneath clothing, making your options a good bit more open than if you were just interested in a weable anal vibe. Although as a general because anal vibes are made for everyone and not specifically men there is overall a much larger number of these toys on the market. But as mentioned in the previous section of this blog, they are not all suitable to be worn.

A cool thing about your wearable prostate toys is that they pretty much all are designed for the external portion to rest against the perineum. Which for those of us who aren’t familiar with that word, is the area between the butthole and the scrotum (or vulva).

You’ve probably heard it referenced as the gooch, taint and probably a whole other host of vaguely ridiculous sounding words. But at the end of the day that small section of your body is incredibly sensitive. Prostate toys are designed for the vibration to travel through to the portion which sits here, adding a whole nother element of pleasure.

Zero Tolerance

First up I want to go over the brand Zero Tolerance. They have released a series of prostate vibes within the past few years, in particular The Gentleman, The Great Prostate and The Rocker Prostate.

All 100% silicone. Have bases curved to not only be wearable but also titillate the perineum. Rechargeable and come with handheld remotes. Biggest thing that sets them apart though is the unique physical movements the toys make. Utilising beads, mechanical motions and vibrations to create new sensations for the wearer to enjoy.

A more premium version is the Hugo from Lelo

Overall shape of this toy is very similar to that of the Zero Tolerance toys. Although with the higher price tag comes a stronger motor for more intense vibrations. As with all other remote controllable Lelo products the only remote option is their large ovular remote which is not only universal. But so insanely indiscreet you’d be able to notice it across the room.

A similar but slightly better option is The Prostate Rabbit from The Rabbit Company

As one of their very few toys designed for people other than those with vagina’s The Prostate Rabbit is overall a great premium quality toy. It just isn’t super versatile in terms of wearability.

Again a small handled remote is your only control option other than the buttons on the toy itself. But this one is much less noticeable. Power offered by the Lelo and Rabbit Co. vibes are too similar to differentiate. Although there is more focus on the perineum portion of The Prostate Rabbit.  2 motors can be controlled independently so you have much more functionality and personalisation ability with this than with the Hugo.

Only way The Prostate Rabbit fails to compare to many other wearable prostate vibes and makes us question its high price point, is its inability to be used in water. The toy is shower-proof but non-submersible. So no bath use, which for the price is ever so slightly asinine.

We-Vibe Vector

Last but certainly not least we have the We-Vibe Vector.

A vibe with both an included bluetooth remote and app compatibility. Vector comes through with its perineum-centric base and adjustable head coupled with not 1 but 2 of We-Vibe’s signature ultra powerful yet incredibly silent motors. Allowing for the user to control the internal and external portions separately if they so see fit.

Both portions of the toy are also adjustable in their positioning. Allowing for the user to pose the whole toy to their own body’s specifications. Which is unlike the majority of most prostate toys. Brings a sense of personalisation as well as the added stimulation benefits. The toy is also completely submersible

Its only downfall is that it holds no additional stimulation for the sphincter like some sort of rotating beads or other moving component. Although with the perineum component on the Vector this isn’t a huge setback.

wearable vibrators
SHOP ONLINE: Vibrating Cock Rings

Bringing it all the way back to the front again we have cock rings

Majority of cock rings are made of a very stretchy ABS, TPE, flexTPR or silicone. With the ring of many vibrating cock rings being small enough to stay on a flaccid penis. And then stretch during an erection, you’re perfectly able to have a cock ring on during slightly extended periods of time. As long as you feel no discomfort or pain.

Similar to any type of butt plug as discussed above as long as this type of toy has some form of remote controllability it’s a viable option as a wearable sex toy.

Only thing you need to be vigilant about when it comes to this type of toy is your blood circulation. Because at the end of the day it’s still a relatively tight band around one of your extremities. I wouldn’t recommend wearing one for more than a few hours at a time.

Unfortunately only a small percentage of vibrating cock rings come with a way to control them. Without having to interact physically with the toy itself. Limiting your options if you do want to wear them and control them discretely or remotely.

Of course our tried and true We-Vibe has released 2 cock rings

Unfortunately you’ll have to count the Verge out as 100% wearable as you have to be erect whilst wearing this one. Which of course is fine if you’re at home or in an appropriate environment. But the design of the toy just isn’t suitable for discrete wearing.

Second cock ring from We-Vibe, the Pivot has a pretty much exact opposite design to the Verge. With stretchy but tight silicone encompassing the entire toy. Vibrating portion being situated on the top (although it can be worn for this to be between the cock and balls to give simultaneous stimulation). Verge’s perineum centric design with flexible but non-stretchable silicone.

Both these toys are controllable via the We-Connect app although neither come equipped with a bluetooth remote.

Nu Sensuelle

Has a pretty solid range of cock rings, the majority of which come with some form of remote controllable version. The biggest difference that you’ll find between products within their range is the material used for the cock ring itself. You have the option of both an ultra stretchy SEBS and silicone with less stretch but more durability.

Their silicone options also come with a stronger bullet than those in the SEBS toys. Although both subcategories are worn and controlled identically. Unfortunately NU hasn’t brought out their own app. So there’s no options for control outside the toy itself and the included remote. Issues with this have been discussed in previous portions of this series and still stand.

All in all, wearable vibes are for anyone with genitals no matter the orientation. Making them one of the most versatile type of sex toy. If you’re looking into them make sure to take into account the remote controllability and overall versatility.

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