Best Adult Shop Sydney

Best Adult Shop Sydney

Best Adult Shop Sydney

What makes the home of the best adult shop Sydney?  It is one thing and many things combined.  What may be the most important aspect of your shopping experience may only be of minimal impact to another.  So what we try to do at the best adult shops in Sydney is work out these factors in what our valued customers expect from their in store shopping experience and what we deliver in addition to these expectations to make it your best adult shopping experience.

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The best adult shops have been in the adult retail business for more than 25 years and have evolved with the times.  By means of customer questionnaires, attendance at adult industry expo’s and fairs and picking the brains of successful adult retailer nationally and internationally we came up with the following mandatory expectations that our customers require –

1. Discretion of Oneself:-

Our customers demand and we provide discretion.  You can rest assured that regardless of who you are we will never reveal to others that you have visited our stores.  Our stores have been frequented by touring rock bands, TV Celebrities and dare I say Royalty.  Although we are extremely excited to serve these famous people we have never or would ever reveal their identities.

2. Discretion in Purchasing:-

These days we know that most transactions are done by credit card or debit card and also that on your bank statement you do not want Best Adult Shop or something similar coming up.  So all EFTPOS transactions have a discreet company name that no-one will be the wiser of the goods that have been purchased.

3. Cleanliness:-

We understand that we are selling the most personal in nature goods that will allow you to improve your sexual health and well-being.  Nothing would be as off-putting as picking up a product that has dust on it, or buying a sex toy that had other people’s hands on it.  Our stores are cleaned every day and, unless they are testers, products shown to a customer will only be done if both our consultant and customer have latex gloves on ensuring no direct human hand will ever hold a product purchased from our stores.

4. Testers:-

The problem with buying online is that you cannot touch and feel the product.  This is major drawback and the reason people frequent at the best adult shops.  We have multiple testers available from brands like Lelo, Fun Factory and many more so that you can touch, feel and test the vibrations and modes of a sex toy before you purchase it.

5. Ensuring Your Product Works:-

  Prior to completion of your purchase, your consultant will test the product (whilst wearing latex gloves) by putting batteries in it and showing you both how it works and that it works.  If you purchase is over $40 these batteries will be included in your purchase price.

6. Easy Access:-

All our stores except Kogarah that is our warehouse outlet, have easy access through public transport.

7. Easy Shopping:-

Best Adult Shops have product displayed in categories.  They have ‘stories’ that ‘flow’ making it easy to find the product you want or the category you are interested in researching.

8. A Safe Place: –

Our customers have the right to having a shopping experience in a Safe Place.  Regardless of sexual preference, gender, sexual fetish as long as it is not illegal we do not judge.  It is your right as a human being to experience sex in the manner or form that fits for you.  In fact most of our consultants enjoy their work so much they right articles on health and sexuality that are published in our on-line blog.

9. Couple Friendly Stores:-

Gone are the days of men in trench coat buying their dirty videos.  Adult stores are couples friendly, female friendly, LGTQB Friendly – they are a place for all.

These are the expectations that we have identified are a must however we train our consultants to ensure they additionally deliver the following to our treasured customers –

Customer Service

1. Patience

Not only is patience vital to our customers, especially when they are working out what is going to work best for them, it’s imperative to the adult business everywhere: a common theme we instill in our consultants is that it is better to have a fully satisfied customer that is empowered to use their purchase rather than a quick sale, where is the possibility because of lack of knowledge they will not enjoy their purchase fully.

Patience should not however be confused with apathy or laziness, the ‘slower’ benefit is allowing our consultants to explain fully to their customers the manner in which a product may be used to ensure complete product satisfaction and safety.  If a customer is confused they will spend time to ensure they genuinely make sense of their purchase and our customers love shopping at the best adult shops because they are not ‘shushed’ out the door.

2. Attentiveness

Our consultants will always be attentive to your needs.  They really listen to you to be able to give you the best service they possibly can and for a number of reasons.  We love receiving customer feedback, it helps us evolve and provide our best customers with what they want.  It allows us to innovate and be the adult lifestyle centre that you will choose.

Best Adult Shops realize that being attentive to customer needs will ensure that they are comfortable with their surrounding but comfortable with our consultant.  That they can freely open up to them about what they are trying to achieve allowing us to impact positively on your sexual health and quality of living.

Our customers keep telling us that we are on the right track.

3. Clear Communication Skills

Our consultants will clearly and respectfully communicate with you however in return they expect the same from their customers.  They will use language that you can understand to explain any product queries you have.  They will greet you when you enter the store and wish you a good day when you leave.  The consultant will attempt to assist you and at that time as much or little interaction will be entirely up to the customer.

4. Knowledge of the Product

Every one of our customers undergoes product training.  They also research products to write their reviews and opinions.  Often off their own back they will attend seminars and expos to increase their product knowledge.  Without a shadow of a doubt the consultants at the best adult shops have the broadest and intricate knowledge of sex toys.

The consultants at the Best Adult Shops choose to work there.  They have a real desire to assist their clients in the most intimate parts of their lives to achieve a better understanding of sexuality and thereby improving their sexual life.  Many customers attend after feeling ‘bored’ in their relationship and the discovery of sex toys invigorates their relationship allowing to enjoy their life and partner once again.

5. Ability to Use “Positive Language”

Our consultants will always try to use positive language and have a positive outlook.  If you are looking for a particular product they will bend over backwards to bring it in for you at the best adult shops.  They will never be threatening, derogatory, sexist, intimidating or rude to you and always try to make your day and life more enjoyable.

This may sound like fluffy nonsense but it counts and our customers frequently comment on what a wonderful consultant they dealt with and how they enjoyed the shopping experience.

Adult Shops Know Why You are here

6. Ability to “Read” Customers

We train our consultants to ‘read’ customers so that they get the level of personalized service they want.  Let’s face it some of our customers have not been freed of the stigma of walking into an adult store and the last thing they want is what they perceive to be a ‘pushy salesperson’ hounding them around the store.  Although the consultant will always ask whether you need assistance and try to strike up a conversation with the customer to put them at ease allowing to discuss their intimate need, they will read if you are embarrassed or just wish to browse on your own.

They will look and listen for subtle clues about the customer’s mood, patience level, personality, and morein the hope of keeping interactions positive.  The consultant will always be doing this as they do not want mis-read a customer and end up having them feel uncomfortable or not welcome due to confusion and miscommunication.

7. A Calming Presence

Our consultants will approach all customers calmly and with respect and expect the same.  This allows freedom of expression between the parties enabling both to fully understand what is being requested and how to service that need.  Our consultants will attempt to have the store always in a state that feels safe and is calm.  They are trained to not allow raucous, aggressive, inebriate people in the store to ensure a comfortable shopping experience.

8. Goal Oriented Focus

Although this may sound weird to include in what we train our staff it is not when taken into context.  The goal of our consultants is to ensure best adult shop customers happiness is not compromised whist achieving the businesses goals.  The adult stores are in the business of making money but that money can be made by ethical and rewarding means.

Our consultants will recommend the best products that they believe will satisfy your needs and often this may be a high tag item.  However, if the customer’s budget is not at the level of the product recommended they will have a Plan B and even a Plan C.  They will advise on the best available product for your needs at the price point you have available.

Our consultant’s goal is to never have a customer walk out feeling that they had poor service that will be a bad reflection on the consultant as well at the best adult shops.

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9. Ability to Handle Surprises

Sometimes a customer is going to throw you a curveball.  Maybe they have asked for something that the consultant has never heard of before or a fetish that they are not aware of.  Regardless of the case they will find a solution or direct you to a person that will be able to assist in finding a solution.  It may be a simple case of ringing a consultant at another store or having request the customer come back whilst the subject is researched or given to a person that can do so.  They will ask these simple questions –

  • Who? Is the person that will be qualified to solve the problem?
  • What? Are you going to send to this qualified person? The full conversation or just the highlights to address?
  • How? Are you going to contact the qualified person?  Are you going to require the customer to come back, call him or will he be able to wait for the answer?

Trust Me

10. Persuasion Skills

We find that sometimes, although the customer is always right, they can be their own worst enemy.  When a customer will come into a best adult store they will explain what they want to achieve and then choose a product that will not achieve it.  Our consultants will try to persuade them to the more appropriate product explaining the reasons why.  Ultimately it is the customer’s choice but the consultants care and would not be doing their due diligence if they were not at least going to impart their opinion being that it is their field of expertise.

11. Tenacity

Our consultants do not take short-cuts.  They have a willingness to assist and a fantastic work ethic.  They remember that each customer is a human being and should be treated with respect and so will never ‘cheat’ customer with apathetic service.  They will put that extra effort in that have our customers coming back over and over again.

12. Closing Ability

This has nothing to do with ‘closing sales’.  Here we train our consultants that when finalizing a transaction they ensure by asking their customer that they have been satisfied with the service.  That they have received relevant advice on all the products purchased and that in fact they do not require advice on something else.  It is surprising at the best adult shops that this simple step will often result in the customer piping up and saying, ‘Now that you mention it I was after….’.  The ice has broken and the communication channel from customer to consultant is open.

This shows customers three very important things

  • That you care about getting it right
  • That you’re willing to keep going until you get it right
  • That the customer is the one who determines what “right” is.
  • That the customer has covered everything.

13. Willingness to Learn

Our consultants are always willing to learn both in product knowledge and how to serve best adult shops customers better.

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The best adult shop Sydney will debunk myths, quash stereotypes, and provide safe spaces to explore what turns us on and gets us off. They are a community hub for celebrating diverse sexuality and self-exploration. And maybe for a little help finding that elusive G-spot.

‘My first sex shop experience was tragic and disastrous. That was 14 years ago, with a high school friend, in the suburbs. Think wind-up penis toys, underwear-for-two and toxic neon dildos. I was hot-faced, stifling giggles and pretending to be over 18.

Now, purveyors of fine sex gadgets look a lot less like The IT Store and a lot more like independent bookshops or my GP’s office. And I’m an adult now. Sex, in all of its weird and wonderful forms, is an art and a serious business in Sydney. The amazing folks staffing pleasure at the best adult shop are refreshingly candid, absolutely approachable and they love what they do. No kink is too kinky, no question too taboo at the best adult shop Sydney.

I’d consider myself open-minded, sexually savvy and self-aware, but even I learned a thing or two. Or seventy-five.’

Rachel – Sydney.

Get intimate with the best adult shops in Sydney.