The Trainer – An Erotic Story

The Trainer – An Erotic Story

Lizzy walks into her gym and looked around and sees The Trainer. She was dressed in her gym attire, which was a skimpy top that barely covered her breasts and tight pants that seemed fitted to her skin. So, she looked at the setup and felt that everything was in place and she was ready.

She lived in a mansion and it was all hers thanks to the man she had divorced. Had caught her ex-husband fucking another on their bed when he thought she had gone to work.  She had been so enraged that she had contacted her lawyer and had made sure that her ex-husband had shared half of what he had with her.

She had engaged in several fitness programs in order to keep herself fit and sexy. This had made sure that she still remained desirable to several men. Her three children were adults now and in different places across the world.  She was still 43 but she looked like a woman in her late thirties. In a bid to remain fit, she had installed a gym in the mansion and she was usually here every morning to workout.  She had trouble doing some exercises and knew that she needed the guidance of a professional. Contacted a male trainer.

She was Waiting for him, The Trainer

As if on cue, she heard the horn of a car.  She moved to the window and saw a man just getting out of a car. It was her trainer.

He looked better in person compared to her computer screen and he was hot too. She licked her lips and wondered if she could seduce him. It had been a long time since she had sex.

She went to open the door for him. “Hey, you are welcome,” she said.

“Mrs. Daley,” the trainer said. “It’s good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you too, Mike. Just call me Lizzie alright?”

“Aright Lizzie. You have a lovely home” Mike said.

“Thanks, Mike. What can I get you?” Lizzie asked.


“Come let me show you the gym room and then I will fix a drink for you.”

Lizzie led Mike to the gym room and opened the door. Apart from the several gym equipment, Mike also saw three sex dolls which were dressed the same way and bought from sodolls. He was surprised.

the trainer
Love Doll

“I’m sorry, are those sex love dolls?” Mike asked.

Lizzie smiled. “Yeah. I usually feel alone and lonely whenever I work out here. So I decided to purchase some dolls so that it will seem like they are here to just workout. I do chat with them too and even gave hem names.”

Mike smiled. “I understand. May I know their name?”

Lizzie walked over to the blonde sex doll. “This is am Margaret or Maggie for short.” She pointed at the brunette sex doll. “That’s Lydia.” Then she pointed at the last sex love doll which was a redhead. “This is Donna.”

Mike played along. “Hello ladies.”

“Let me get you a drink,” Lizzie said.

Mike set up the gym while Lizzie went out. When she returned, she was with a bottle and two glasses of champagne. She poured into the cups and set the bottle down. She gave Mike a cup and took the other. They clinked glasses and drank.

Then they began with aerobics.  Mike led her to do some jumping jacks and then some stretching. Lizzie knelt on the floor with one of her legs extended backwards. Mike walked up to her to help her stretch her leg well.

Mistakenly he touched her ass.

In shock, he froze instead of taking his hand away. When he saw that Lizzie didn’t say anything, he removed his hand. Suddenly, Lizzie bent so that her soft ass was directly in front of Mike’s face.  Mike could not take his eyes away from her ass. His dick was already erect in his pants.

“I can feel your gaze on my eyes,” Lizzie said. “Trust me. You can do anything you want with me. I am so horny right now.”

Mike didn’t hesitate. He was very horny. He pulled down Lizzie’s pants and when her ass was bare, he rushed it, placing his tongue on both ass cheeks and licking them. He touched his tongue to her pussy and she moaned.

She lay on her back and Mike focused on the pussy entire, licking it like a hungry man. As he licked it, he also lifts his hand to play with her boobs.

“Fuck me, Mike!” Lizzie said desperately in her best sex voice.

Mike pulled down his shorts and rubbed his dick against the lips of her pussy before slipping it in. Once they were connected, he began to pound her pussy hard. Although the sex dolls could neither see nor speak, Mike felt they were looking at him and applauding.

In the end, when Lizzie came hard twice.  She felt sex was a better workout than aerobics or stretching and she made a deal with Mike to keep coming for both training exercises and hot sex.

the trainer
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It’s Time To Wake Up That Drive!

I do not know about anyone else but i find it very hard to get in the zone and have an orgasm easily. So lets discuss how to Wake Up That Drive.  What I decided to do is do a little bit of research and find out what tips and advice i could get to help me in this department.

Looking around the Internet I started reading information with some blogs and reviews women had wrote. I started to notice that i was not alone with this problem which was really nice to have others i could relate to.  Was so shocked with the amount of women i read have never had an orgasm.

I admit it does take me a while and i have to try not be in my head so much. But eventually with a vibrating sex toy I can get there.


One main problem that most of these women have had was that they were in relationships that had no communications with each other. They said that in that department they pretty much just had partners that were only interest in getting themselves of and it would all be over in 10 minutes.

Oher problem was that some women were just not masturbating on there own, like it was something to feel ashamed about. Masturbating is one of the most natural ways to own your own body.  It can be so empowering, exciting and  very satisfying when you get the right spot. Most women get more turned on with the foreplay than intercourse. Some its the main way that then can get off. Explore your own body first by yourself to find what areas and style of movements makes you feel good.

It is the best way to figure out what gets you going. Once you have figured it out then bring a partner into it and you can teach them exactly what you like. If you do not know what gets you going then how can you expect someone else to.


Something so simple can help by playing and watching some good old porn. Some women feel like porn is just for males and they just can not get into it.

I think its just trying to find the right kind of porn that suits you. My taste and I am not into the hardcore kind but I managed to find some dvds that done more of a romantic kind of porn.  Best collection i have found so far is by the company “Viv Thomas”. There is more of a story or lead up to them than just ripping the clothes off and getting right into it. Whether its finding some online or finding a dvd at your local adult store, have a little watch before or even during when your masturbating.

This can even be a bit of fun to watch with a partner to get you both in the mood.

the trainer

Libido Enhancers

There is a lot of different styles and products that can be found out there to add a little pleasure down there. You can get creams or oil that all you do is take a few drops from a bottle or tube and rub onto your clit.

They normally only take 2-3 minutes to activate. Some give a tingly feeling instantly and all it does is turn your clitoris more sensitive and plumped up more. The biggest problem with this is trying to figure out what one suits to your body the best. Some women are very sensitive down there and can be easily irritated so certain ones wont work well for them. If any burn then stay clear of them. Best two that i have discovered that worked well with my skin were “Wicked awaken” and “On natural arousal oil”.

Female Viagra

Yes there is such a product out there that can enhance a female women’s sex drive or female viagra. Again with what i was saying about the libido enhancers, not every tablet out there is going to agree with your body but its just experimenting and exploring the different brands out there. Some can be used as a one off tablet or others are more like a weekly take to keep your libido high.

Three types i can recommend are “JO’, “Vixen” and “Throb”. Try stick the the herbal ones as they do not have any bad chemicals in them. They can dehydrate you a little so drink lots of water with them.


Just adding a simple bit of vibration can make a women orgasm so much quicker. Some can orgasm only with adding it so do not feel like your the only one out there. There is so many different cool styles, shape and sizes of items that can be purchased. Maybe start off with something smaller like a bullet until you get a feel around and then you can advance more to something a bit more.

Bullets can be also great to use to tease around your body before hand to get you in the mode more and can also be placed onto your clitoris will having intercourse so you can orgasm during intercourse.

Anal Play

Not every orgasm has to be a vagina/clit one. If used and played with in the right spot, a lot of females can orgasm a lot better with anal play by using fingers, anal plugs, beads etc. It can sound a little scary and intimidating to some but this type of play is all about relaxing, practicing and taking it nice and slow.

A good way to introduce this is buying beginners toys or even trying a training kit. Beginners toys will be a much smaller size of plug, that wont hurt or damaged anyone that is not used to it. With a training kit you start off with the smaller plug and build it up in size when you feel comfortable to do so. Vibrating toys can also be used in this department also to just add even more pleasure. Have a look at our helpful ultimate guide to choosing the perfect sex toy for women.

Over Thinking

Stop over thinking so much!! Yep am very bad for this one also so i do not blame any of use for thinking too much. It is time to relax and try to calm the thoughts and just be in the now. Its crazy how much with too many thought that we actually block that part in the brain that helps release an orgasms.

Another big problem is putting too much pressure on yourself to have that orgasm. The more you force yourself to make it happen the less likely its actually going to. What happens is your asking the brain to let it happen and its reply is pretty much saying nup! Can say it likes to cock block you a little

Well hopefully some of the information above can help bring on these orgasm. If you do not succeed straight away then that ok, practice makes perfect and you will get there eventfully.

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