Keep it Sexy and Playful

Keep it Sexy and Playful

Keep it sexy and playful: Have you ever over heard those conversations where there is a group of ladies sitting or a group of men discussing how things have become the same old boring thing? They’re stuck in a rut with no idea how to drag themselves out, sex has gotten boring… It’s something that everyone goes through at one point or another.

This happens so often let’s go over some things we could do to change this outcome

Lingerie! Now I know the men will assume this is for the ladies only, but there is plenty of men’s lingerie in the world. We find it just as sexy as you find ours!Both of you go and grab some sexy fun items like there are pretty amazing lingerie pieces out there for women and men here is just a few items from ENVY for men, get ready to look and feel like a stripper in your own home.We also have the fetish range, which isn’t as intense as it sounds, just a bit of fun!

sexy and playful
Lingerie for All

Keep It Sexy and Playful

Its so much more fun and exciting if you go shopping separately and surprise each other that night with a bit of a sexy show and tell. Or even shop for each other, it’s so exciting seeing what your partner would put you in to feel and look sexy! Come on guys you need to put the effort in too and while you’re in store look for some extra fun sex toys or items or games to play.

There are so many to choose from in store you just need to get your self down to the store and check out the variety. Ladies its really important to step out of that comfort zone so many relationships sit in this zone. This is why those very conversations happen. Yeah everything has just become same old same old stop letting that happen get up and change it. We cater for all sizes diva, queen ,3x to 4x

Where to start?

Well how about complimenting each other its such a simple gesture. But yet we also forget to do once we are in that comfort zone with our partners. We can compliment appearance, what you think they’re doing well at. Obviously you can also tell them what makes them sexy in your eyes. Everyone loves to be complimented. Sometimes when you’ve been with someone for a while, we forget to do the simple things that make each other feel good.

Take control and go and buy some flowers or their favourite chocolates or whatever that favourite meal is you enjoy together. Now set up the table with some candles take a breath. Make it a romantic sexy night starting right from the moment you greet each other.

Talk about each other’s days (or don’t 😉). Flirt with each other like you’ve just started dating again. The way you treated each other during that chase is often what goes missing after awhile and what can help the most.

If you want to make it even more sexy try some candles that melt into massage oils. Take it an extra step and make sure they’re edible too. Massage, kiss, and lick your way through all of your partners most sensitive areas, candles aren’t just there to look good and smell pretty!

Make sure you have put that same effort into the bed room

Some rose petals all over the bed. Grab the fake ones so much easier to pick up and place back in their box after wards ready to use again. Not only does this bring some added sexiness to the night. But the extra effort really will make your partner feel important and loved.

Try sexy roleplaying scenario’s if you want to really do something quirky but sexy. There’s so many to choose from, classic school girl, an office scenario. Ask your partner their fantasy scenes. Tell them yours, you can get creative with this one. Hell you can remake your favorite movies if you want to!

And just have fun with it

if you’re not into roleplay then that’s fine too, as long as your partner can see that you’re trying and putting in the effort to spice things up you’ll get far. Sometimes effort is the sexiest thing you can do.  If all else fails just sit down with your partner and have an open chat about what you want, what would make you feel more sexy, things you want to try, and vice versa.

After all, you can’t fix things without knowing where to start for both you and you can always heat things up with some nice food for sex

sexy and playful with food
Sexy Food

Food For Sex 

Hi Guys – I’m really proud of this article on Food For Sex.  I have references for this because it utilises a lot of scientific data and statistics but wasn’t sure if that was necessary. So if you want them, give me a shout.

Usually the saying is food for thought. But lately we have been busy discussing, pondering and wondering about food for sex. During my many conversations with people this has come from many different angles.

  • Which foods increase my sex drive?
  • What food makes my cum taste better?
  • Which foods makes my erection better?
  • What foods are aphrodisiacs?

These questions are all similar in their line of questioning and have led me through some very interesting research and readings that do bring us back to a fundamental question.

Are aphrodisiacs Scientifically Plausible?

A scientific link between food and libido is lacking.

When people think of an aphrodisiac or food stimulating libido they imagine food related sources that when eaten will put the consumer in a state of amore instantaneously based on the food source itself.  I will cover this particularly in my next article on “What makes an aphrodisiac an Aphrodisi-yes”.

It does make our spunk and junk and cum taste better and it even helps erections last longer. If you know the right foods to eat.  But the secret isn’t that its a one off food that you eat 15 minutes, one hour or one week beforehand sex.  It isn’t magic.  It’s actually easy and there are the top 10 foods that are said to help with sex. And I am going to tell you what to eat that will increase the drive and WHY it will help you in bed.

Doesn’t that sound sexy?

Many of these foods are the reasons that behind the fabled Aphrodisiacs, why they are so readily attributed to sex and stamina and fertility.


It should surprise no one that chocolate is on this list. Chocolate is one of those foods that is synonymous with sex and love and love. With good reason. It contains Phenylethylamine (PEA) which is similar to a natural antidepressant and elevates mood, makes you feel happy.


Hilarious Trivia Fact: Avocado is derived from an Aztec word meaning Testicles. No seriously. Avocados are packed with B6, which again assist with your mood and nervous system. The vitamin E widens blood vessels helping the blood flow through the vascular system better and helps with the heart. Potassium which helps with energy and libido. Also for men – Avocados help with Sperm health. What a great little fruit.


We have all heard that Oysters are aphrodisiacs for so many reasons. Some believe it’s because they are similar to a woman’s vulva. Others because of their properties. Some people hate the taste. I love them. Oysters are in actual fact, very very good for the libido- though not as fast acting as the fables will have you believe. It is the zinc in Oysters which helps with sexual maturation and smell. Zinc has a positive effect on the smell receptors and therefore your sexual senses. Zinc also helps produce testosterone, a hormone  connected to sexual desire.

Pumpkin Seeds

Just like oysters these seeds are packed with zinc so they do all the amazing things oysters do with the added bonus of not being oysters for those who don’t like them. They also are packed with Magnesium which is needed for relaxation. Iron to feel energized and are a source of Omega 3 fatty acids which have been proven for prostate and gynecological health.

Vitamin C

Yes this is not a food, this a group. Foods that contain vitamin C, watermelon, strawberries, oranges and so forth are good for your libido and sexual health because they can help you form and develop oxytocin some research suggests which is better known as the cuddle hormone.


I almost didn’t write pomegranates in because I could not find enough correlation between the micronutrients that they contained and the link between sex and libido. But pomegranates get an honorable mention due to the flavones and flavonols which promote erectile health while the polyphenols can be attributed to assisting in prostate health.

Maca Powder

Maca Root has long since been used in Peru to stimulate fertility and fertility and has since become mainstreamed as somewhat of a super food in our culture and is available in many health foods as a supplement. Not only has scientific research documented that Maca powder does in fact show sustained results in stamina and libido when consumed consistently it has also shown an increase in sperm health, quality and quantity and that it can reduce prostate size.


This may seem insignificant but a fun fact; 80% of Australian adults are dehydrated every day. Dehydration leads to a release of stress hormones among other very significant health concerns which do not lead to a healthy or good sex drive and libido. Keeping hydrated means keeping your body working and functioning properly which in turn dramatically affects your libido and your performance in bed (or wherever your carnal pleasure takes you).

All of these options again, and I cannot reiterate this enough, are not quick fixes.

These are lifestyles. These are little bits and pieces you can add to your diet that will drastically change you sex life and your lifestyle for the better. Not only will you see a ravaging change with your divine relations but I will hazard a wild prediction that the rest of your daily activities will also see improvement.

Amazing how they are interrelated. And yes! These as well will help change the way that you taste! A healthy body will produce fluids that taste better!  A better hydrated body that is not taking in fried food, high sodium, lots of unsaturated fats and eating whole foods that have plenty of the above nutrients in them will for sure produce spunk that tastes nicer. Or a pussy that is much nicer to go down on. But I do understand, just like certain foods, it is not for everyone.

And either, that’s ok-or perhaps they aren’t the right….flavour for you. That being said. If you have been with someone for a while and generally love their taste and then there is a change in their flavour, it may be an idea to seek medical advice, that is the body’s way of communicating it needs some assistance.

Stay healthy, have fun and keep it sexy and playful.

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