Most Exciting Sex Toys for Earning Sustainable Income

Most Exciting Sex Toys for Earning Sustainable Income

Most Exciting Sex Toys are like a divine gift from heaven. They are literally the gifts that keep on giving. You get them and for the rest of their lives their only job is to give you pleasure upon pleasure. They’re always there for you. They never leave you. And they’re always guaranteed to lift up your spirit in the darkest of times.

And just when you think that you’ve seen everything that they’re capable of, you realize these pieces of genius engineering have more to offer than just physical pleasure.

That’s right, your sex toys can give you more than sexual gratification. When used right, they can also give you money. A lot of money. Day by day, more and people come to this realization and end up making sustainable income thanks to the power of their sex toys.

You, too, can take advantage of this remarkable opportunity. And we’re to tell you everything you need to know about how to do so.

Leveraging your Sex Toys for Better Income on Chaturbate

To use your sex toys as a source of both pleasure and income, the best strategy is to register on an adult webcam platform. Literally put on a show for your adoring fans who pay a lot of money just to see you pleasure yourself on camera while keeping it sexy and playful.

You don’t have to worry, either. Everything is safe, secure and the environment is really welcoming. The secret to having the best time with this is to choose the best cam platform that completely suits your goal.

For this we recommend Chaturbate, seeing as it is the most popular of all with tons of internal traffic. Their rewards and token system are also quite effective and simple to figure out.

Before you proceed, though, you will want to get yourself equipped with the ultimate tool of the trade: sex toys.

How Sex Toys Work on Chaturbate

Sex toys are the powerhouse of any Chaturbate show. Sex toys are so prevalent on the platform for a number of reasons. First of all, there is really no point in masturbating these days without using a sex toy.

And when people tune in to watch you perform, you have to make sure that you give them the best possible show.

Another reason why Chaturbate models love sex toys is the fact that there are multiple ways to make things even more interesting when sex toys are involved. For instance, as you’ll see below, there is a wide range of sex toys that models use to play fun games on the platform.  With some that are remote control sex toys with viewers who can remotely perform sexual acts on the models and pay a lot of money for it.

All in all, you really can’t be a Chaturbate model, or any webcam platform for that matter, without having a deep love and talent for sex toys. And if you happen to have all of these before, then registering on Chaturbate is worthy of serious consideration.

most exciting sex toys

Most Exciting Sex Toys

  • Lovense Lush & Lovense Hush

This is a simple and elegant toy that is usually regarded as the most popular around. This particular toy is popular among webcam models thanks to its external beauty, remarkable efficiency, and additional features.

For example, the Lovense Lush toy can be configured in such a way that it works remotely. Giving someone else a chance to control their actions inside you even while that person remains miles away.

The Lovense hush is pretty similar to the Lovense Lush with the major difference being that the whereas the lush is designed for use in the vagina, the hush is suited for anal play. Either way, both are remarkably popular and effective, and toys like these will always remain useful for playing games during cam shows to keep things interesting.

This is why, generally, it is believed that no Chaturbate model can go without using a Lovense toy.

  • Palm Power

Palm Power remains one of the bestselling wands around thanks to the impressive power this toy packs in a portable package. The palm power is rechargeable and also sports some interesting features that makes it a must-have for any Chaturbate model.

One area where this toy also triumphs is in ergonomics. It sports very convenient handles and a large, flexible silicone head designed for maximum pleasure.

  • Fuck Machines

Fuck machines are a must have for Chaturbate models, particularly those who wish to really focus on the platform and get down to serious business. Whereas dildos and other bullet toys can get things started and keep things interesting for a while. Sex machines are there to take things up a notch a kickstart a whole other level of fun and entertainment.

Nothing keeps viewers glued like a sex machine penetrating a model on overdrive.

And thanks to the advanced features of these machines, they can also be remotely controlled to improve speed and functionality, and viewers pay a lot more to enjoy this privilege.

  • Life size silicone dolls

Lastly, male models and even a few female ones have been known to make use of life size silicone dolls during their broadcasts. It keeps things interesting and the viewers on Chaturbate seem to love them.

So if you’re considering starting your journey as a broadcaster, especially as a male model, it really wouldn’t hurt to get yourself one of these.

It Gets Even Better

Being a Chaturbate model requires a love for sex toys.  But you can also give yourself an even better chance of success by standing out from the pack through a well-customized profile.

A well-customized Chaturbate profile is one with beautiful graphics embedded on it that provides valuable information to visitors. Like key details about you, a tip menu, broadcast schedule, likes, dislikes, kinks and fetishes, among others.

Luckily, customizing your profile on Chaturbate is quite easy when you know what to do. Instead of spending a lot of money to hire a professional to design one for you. You can simply visit to access their wide range of high-quality templates which you can quickly customize to reflect your details and export to your profile in a few simple steps.

most exciting sex toys

Palm Power – It’s In Your Hands

This has been one of our best-selling wands in our stores for years! This little pocket rocket is one of the smaller wands in our range but has a kick that most wands don’t compare to. They have both a plug in and a rechargeable option that both offer the same amount of speed. They’re a great travel partner for any occasion and they even have multiple attachment options to turn it into more than just a wand.
This year they’ve released the palm power extreme and after reading up on a few reviews about it, I might just have to purchase myself one soon! I have the rechargeable palm power and it’s in my top 5 favourite toys.  So I can’t even imagine how much I’d fall in love with the extreme.
Not only is it supposed to be stronger (not sure how it could possibly get any stronger).  But they’ve also added a few new interesting features that I haven’t seen other wand brands that we hold in our stores do before.

Let’s start with how to actually use it first

  1. Unlock your new toy by holding down both buttons for 3 seconds. Travel lock is a great feature for peace of mind when you take your toys on adventures, you’ll never have it turn on in your bag when you’re in public!
  2. Press the power button once to turn it on.
  3. Now, you have 2 options. You can either hold down the functions button to choose a steady speed and let go when you’re happy with the intensity. Or you can press the button to cycle through a few speeds and then into patterns.
  4. Press the power button to switch off.

New features 

  1. Handle- The front is made of ABS plastic but the back has a silicone grip pad to help make it much easier to hold during play. Especially when your hand is all lubed up, this feature is super handy!
  2. Head- I think this is an important thing to look at when you’re trying to choose between the original palm power and the extreme. The extreme now has a larger and more flexible head that is made of silicone. If you prefer direct stimulation then I’d recommend getting the original.  But if you like something that covers a little more of the area then the extreme would be a better choice. Also, because the extreme is quite new, there aren’t any attachments for it as of yet.
  3. I personally don’t care for vibration patters but some people love them! The extreme now has patterns whereas the original was all about the speed.
  4. Shape- The whole shape of the toy has changed significantly, it’s now a fair bit larger and it now has a curve to it. For someone who finds the original palm power hard to reach the right spots, this would help you out a lot! A curved head was designed to make it easier to stimulate the vulva.
most exciting sex toys
Sex Toys & Sustainable Income


You’ll find your micro-USB charging cord in the box with your toy which you’ll simply plug into the bottom of the toy and the USB end into a wall doc, car doc or a portable charger. The extreme takes roughly 4 hours to charge up with 1 hour of play time.


Unfortunately, unlike the original palm power, the extreme is not waterproof. Only splashproof for cleaning.


The extreme now has 2 colour choices! Black and pink.


Palm power offers a 90-day manufacturing warranty.

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