Best Adult Shop Click & Collect Ordering

Best Adult Shop Click & Collect Ordering

Greater Sydney has now been thrown into lockdown until at least July 30, 2021 so why not take advantage of the Adult Shop Click Collect serivce.  With over 800 positive cases in Sydney over the past month the third extension of the stay at home orders was inevitable.  Adult Lifestyle Center Kogarah is an essential service retailer providing condoms, ED products, marital aids, lubricants and more.

Best Adult Shop Click Collect

Adultsmart Australia’s premier online adult store services online orders throughout Australia but will now offer a Covid Safe Contactless Click & Collect Service.  Whilst servicing our internet orders via Australia Post we will also be able to provide a same day Click & Collect Service.

The priority is to provide our valued customers with products and services with their wellbeing in mind. Let us help you cope when in Covid lockdown with this new click & Collect Service. It has been brought into effect to enable local customers with another option in which to receive their purchases.

Adultsmart is conveniently situated at 12 Production Ave, Kogarah in Sydney’s South.  The telephone is (02) 9533 7217 and the Covid trading hours that are subject to change are 9am-10pm Monday to Friday.

NEW Click & Collect Contactless Service

For residents and customers adhering to all travel restrictions in Sydney during the stay at home orders – purchases may be collected from the store on a contactless basis many times on a same day basis.

Adultsmart Click & Collect Sydney

How To Use Click & Collect Service

  • Choose your items online at the Adultsmart online adult store.
  • Go to the check out page and fill in the comments field prior to payment the words ‘Click and Collect Service’.
  • Pay For your Goods
  • You have two options here. 1. Ring store and request your order to be prepared N.B. Allow 4 hours to pick and pack the order or 2. Wait for a return email that your order is ready for collection.  Allow 1 business day.
  • Attend the store with a print out of the invoice and your drivers license or other photo id.
  • Your invoice/proof of purchase and license will be viewed
  • Pick up your goods from the Orders processed table at the front of the store.

It’s as easy as that – contactless pick up.

Please note that once you pick up the item Adultsmart will not be responsible for loss or damage to the items excluding manufacturing issues.

During Covid the Kogarah Adult Lifestyle Center will remain open as an essential service providing products recommended and prescribed by doctors and other health and well-being professionals.  Contactless purchases are available in store and each store is active in ensuring they remain as Covid safe as is humanly possible.

Although browsing is not allowed, customers are allowed to come in to choose whilst purchasing products.  It is mandatory that face masks be worn.  Social distancing is adhered to, no groups or couples shopping and contactless counter and purchasing options are encouraged.

Article courtesy of Adultsmart Blog and their article Click and Collect Covid NSW

Review of Love Honey

A friend of mine recently posted about an online company called Love Honey on a sex chat room. I decided to review Love Honey after hearing that from him. She told me she never purchased her sex toys from anywhere else after purchasing her first one at Love Honey. It was easy to compare the company to that of my friends who had raved about it.  Took me a while to realize this site had been around for so long when I first got online.

It wasn’t a good sign as well, since the website design was outdated, so I knew this was the case.

Who Do I Think Their site is Aimed At?

White background on their layout, not to mention the images, seemed right out of the seventies.

Everything about the sex toys looked tacky and uninspiring. Bedrooms were colored with neon pink lighting. I have no doubt that this company is lacking any type of marketing department. Since if they did, they would have proposed a few small changes that would have made their website more appealing for women today.

So put it mildly the site is mainly for straight guys and women.

The customer service they provide is excellent.

Basically, they cover every possible option for contacting them, including emailing via their customer support email address. While the site itself might seem tacky and outdated. At the very least, there is no doubt that if you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, you will get just the right assistance.

Love Honey has earned props on that score because most people don’t know what their goal is when they go to an online sex toy store.  And having trouble finding what they’re looking for and purchasing it. Still, the site as a whole was not that impressive. Love Honey leaves me wanting more.  But most customers can’t afford to waste money on toys until they find the perfect one. So I can understand why many customers can’t waste money on toys until they find the perfect one.

Love Honey 

Love Honey is not a bad company, despite the poor experience I’ve had with them personally.  In that regard, they were excellent, despite the poor overall design of the website. Good customer support is one of the keys to running a successful business. Although the sex toy that I bought wasn’t very strong or effective, I believe that there are many women out there who would be better served by purchasing one of their products. You are taking the risk, however, if you choose to go that route. The chances are still very good that you will find the whole experience somewhat disappointing just like I did.


adult shop click collect

NU Sensuelle Pleasure Panties

A brand NU Sensuelle is a great brand in my opinion and they have now put out the pleasure panties that is a great sex toy for couples. Silicone used to make their toys feels fantastic as it is soft and feels even better with the correct lube. For this review we will look at the Pleasure panties in particular.

NU Pleasure Panty is a remote-controlled bullet vibrator.

This bullet is about 7cm in length with a loop at the end allowing it to be easily removed if inserted. The remote used to control the bullet is about 8.5cm in length and is easily concealed in a closed fist, pocket or bag.  Pleasure panties also come with a pair of adjustable panties that tie up on either side with ribbon allowing them to be versatile in size. These panties have a pocket in the front designed to hold the bullet if being worn out and about.

Box also includes a discrete bag for the toy to go in when not in use and a dual charger. You only need one USB outlet to charge both the bullet and the remote.

First let’s look at the bullet.

Available in Pink, White, Purple and black, this bullet can be used internally and externally (whatever the preference may be). The bullet has a button on one end where the looped cord is, holding this button allows the user to turn the bullet on and off. When the button is held the end will light up with a blue light indicating it is turned on and ready to use.

In my personal opinion I think the bullet is a great size as its big enough to be used as a clit vibrator. But is also a similar size to a tampon therefore wearing it internally is easy and comfortable. This is where the looped cord comes in.  It allows for the user to easily pull the bullet out if being worn internally eliminating the fear of it being lost inside.

Bullet is charged via two small magnetic dots on the same end as the button, being magnetically charged means the bullet itself is waterproof and could be submerged underwater without worry of getting water damage.

adult shop click collect
Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panties

Now let’s look at the remote control.

Remote is made of the same silicone as the bullet and is also coloured to whatever colour the bullet is (Matchy matchy).  It has three buttons on its front flat side “+”, “=”and “- “.

  • To start the vibrations of the bullet the “+” button must be pressed.
  • Continuing to press this button will intensify the vibration of the bullet.
  • Where pressing the “- “will decrease the vibrations until the bullet stops vibrating completely.
  • The middle button “=” which actually looks like little waves, changes the vibration patterns and pulsations.
  • One great feature about the remote for this toy is that the remote vibrates simultaneously to the bullet. Meaning whoever is in controlof the remote will know exactly what is happening to the bullet via vibrations through the remote.
  • This remote also has a curved bottom side making it shaped nicely to also be used as a clit stimulator if the bullet is being used internally or by another person.
  • Remote can also be used on its own without the bullet. But the bullet can not be used without using the remote. This is the only down side to this toy in particular.
  • 15 different vibration functions and patterns meaning plenty of different setting to discover and use.
  • Distance between the bullet and remote can work up to 30FT (9 metres).
  • Submersible but as the remote is charged via pushing a pin through the layer of silicone this may cause a hole meaning there would be a point of access for water to go into the remote.


Both the bullet and remote are made of a fantastic feeling silicone. This makes for wearing the bullet internally more comfortable and the overall experience much nicer.  Amount of power output from both the remote and bullet is incredible considering their compact sizes, also being rechargeable makes the power of this toy more intense.

There is the added bonus of receiving the panties that are included in the box that go with the bullet. Making it easier to wear if one was to wear it externally or out and about. I think this would be a great sex toy for couples wanting to play or get a bit cheeky out of the bedroom.  But also a fantastic sex toy to use in the bedroom. The battery life for the toy is also great as it will last 2 hours straight running time and about 2 weeks with no use.

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