Best Male Sex Toys For Travelling

Best Male Sex Toys For Travelling

Vacations are perfect if you’re looking to relax, have some fun, and get in touch with your adventurous side and take some male sex toys for travelling. At the same time, going on a vacation means you can finally have the alone time you need. It’s why you might want to consider bringing some sex toys with you.

You may feel wary about it since your luggage will likely be inspected, especially if you’re flying. But don’t worry because it’s generally safe traveling with sex toys if packed discreetly.

It’s great to have some adult toys while travelling because you will never have a boring time with them.

Why Bring Your Sex Toys While Travelling

There are many good reasons to bring some sex toys during your travels.  For one, sex toys are, without a doubt, fun.  It would be a shame to leave them behind while traveling, especially if they’re real Good.  Good thing it’s perfectly okay to take them with you, although you’ll have to be careful not to cause another sex toy horror story.

Meeting someone to have sex during travels

First of all, you don’t want to forget your toys when the plan was to have a sexy, naughty trip in the first place.  If you’re going to meet someone to have sex with during your travel sex toys will help you connect with them. You’ll want to have your sex toys ready at hand when you decided you want to get kinky with no strings attached.

You never know you might meet someone on the train or plane who’ll be interested in a quick hook-up.  Sex toys you brought are perfect goodies when you suddenly have a huge sexual appetite to satisfy.

Of course, it’s important to ask your partner if they’re down for it, especially if you’ve only just met them.

male sex toys for travelling
Types of Mens Sex Toys

Have Some Sexy Fun Travelling Alone

You will never have a boring evening going on a trip alone if you travel with a sex toy. It is perfect when you book an apartment or a hotel room where you’ll have complete privacy. You can do whatever you like and have some private kinky time with your favorite adult toys.

Sex with a sex toys take your pleasure to new heights and a really erotic one for some individuals.

It’s all up to how naughty you can go . You can be walking, exploring, and touring the city with anal beads or butt plug inside your anus. Before the night comes, you are probably near delirious and about to orgasm with your sex toys. If you’re game, you can take it up a notch by trying your toys in public, secretly. This will no doubt increase the excitement.

Sex toys make sex more fun with a partner. When traveling, the new surroundings, and the fact that people don’t know you, double the excitement.

The question is how to bring the toys with you. Well, it’s a good thing there are many male sex toys designed for travelling.

Best Male Sex Toys for Traveling

Many airlines allow their passengers to bring their sex toys. However, some have specific rules against it, so it’s best to check with your airline to be sure. You can usually bring them in your hand luggage and check-in luggage, but that can be embarrassing during the airport security check.

It’s definitely suspicious if you travel with a bag full of adult toys. They’ll likely have to open your bag, take the toys out, and inspect your luggage thoroughly. You’d want to avoid this from happening, which is why you should pack light and small toys. You’ll also want the toys sealed in plastic and without batteries to keep them discreet.

Love Eggs

A favorite sex toy for traveling, both for men and women. It’s just amazing how it easily slips in, especially with the right lube. It works for both couple or solo plays. Using the remote control, you can decide which patterns or vibrations you want the eggs in when stimulating you internally.

A love egg is perfect for traveling anywhere in the world because of how small it is. You can also use it in any situation, meaning you can be doing something kinky while traveling in a new city. If you’ve become bored on your trip, you can easily slip it in and switch it on, then store it discreetly in your bag once you’re done.

Cock Rings

Among the best travel-friendly male sex toys to bring on your trip. They’re small and discreet that anyone won’t easily recognize what it is. Even better is the fact that some cock rings come in designs you’d mistake for subtle items like a thumb drive.

You can get vibrating cock rings that are USB-rechargeable too, which means you can power it up wherever you go. As long as there’s an outlet, you can be ready to satisfy your insatiable sexual appetite. With cock rings, you won’t have boring nights even if you’re all alone.

Prostate Massager

A prostate massager is a sex toy perfect for all males. Whether you’re solo or with a partner, a prostate massager is an amazing toy that can give a male the most powerful orgasms ever. More importantly, its small size is just perfect for traveling. It’s small and portable, so it doesn’t take up much space in your luggage.

Although small, the right prostate massager is an incredibly powerful sex toy. The prostate is full of nerve endings, so massaging it will bring you a new level of pleasure. It’s also perfect for traveling because it’s often confused as a harmless little gaming device.

Bringing sex toys during your trip requires preparation.

But the most important of all is never to act ashamed or embarrassed. Being nervous is just going to make it more embarrassing when they check your bags. Just remember that they’re your personal devices, and you’re not the only one who has flown with them.

Traveling is fun and adventurous. You can go to new places, meet new people, and explore your adventurous side. With the latter, you’ll be able to take it up a notch by getting in touch with your erotic side.

Bringing some male sex toys while traveling, whether to hook up with someone or enjoy sex on your own, is sure to make a memorable vacation.

RealRock Thermo-Reactive Dongs by Shots Toys

Did you know the dildo was invented before the wheel and now RelRock has developed the Reactive Dongs?

Because there’s cave art dating to the upper paleolithic period i.e. 30,000 years ago that depicts a man made phallic shaped item being used for self and group pleasure.  Thankfully within the past 30,000 years technology has come quite a way. Therefore so has the average dildo.

Currently one of the most innovative non-electronic dong ranges on the market is the thermo-reactive selection presented by Shots Toys. These dildos are all fully silicone, dual density, thermo-reactive and equipped with a suction cup base. There are 7 different sizes to choose from, all of which come in 2 colours.

Overall these are some of the most versatile fake dicks currently on the market.

Reactive Dongs

Now most of us are familiarised with the terms ‘silicone’ and ‘dual density’. But for those who aren‘t silicone is generally what you want to read on any sex toy packaging. Because this is one of the very few rubber toy materials that wont end up degrading, getting sticky or absorbing bacteria.  Any toy that uses 100% silicone will be hypoallergenic, won’t degrade over time and won’t ever become sticky or absord any bacteria.

You want your toy to be silicone.

On to dual density, this phrase means there are 2 noticeable layers of material on your toy. It makes the toy feel softer, more realisti. You’re able to tell whether a toy is dual density by squeezing and feeling the external layers’ movement on the inner, denser core.

Now moving to what really makes this range so unique, the thermo-reactive technology utilized within the dongs, what is it?  And how does it make this range better than your average dildo?

male sex toys for traveling
Dildos and Dongs

Better Than Your Average Dildo

To answer the former question, thermo-reactivity put simply is the ability to sense and react to different temperatures. Within the context of an inanimate object such as a sex toy it means the toy will change states as a reaction to external temperatures.

Now this doesn’t mean the toy is going to react to your body heat or the room’s temperature. Nor will it react so drastically as to change the composition of the toy on a molecular level.

RealRock dongs are designed to change in malleability when exposed to extreme temperatures for select periods of time. So you can place this toy in the microwave for 30 second or in boiling water for up to 2 minutes. It will then become softer and you will be able to permanently change its shape to whatever you prefer. But don’t worry if you fuck up and aren’t able to mold the desired shape into your toy on the first try. Or you simply get bored of that shape.

You can repeat the process as many times as you please. Allowing the toy to consistently adapt to your wants and needs.

Real Rock

Going in the other direction temperature wise, you can also stick the toys in the fridge for however long you desire. They will become firmer and lose nearly all of their flexibility.

Obviously leaving the toy in sub-zero temperatures is also going to make them feel colder during use. Meaning this range is a part of the very few soft toys that hold the same capability for true temperature play as glass or steel sex toys.

Next up on the list is the not so great points of this range, first of all the colours… with only 2 colour variants Real Rock leaves us wanting. Hopefully they will at some point increase the colour options available. But right now it looks like we’re stuck with what I like to refer to as “Kyle white” and just straight up black.

Size options are also on the restricted side as well. But they cover their bases by having options with and without a scrotum. So you’re not obligated to have a nut sack at the base of your toy if you don’t want one. Lengths vary between 6 and 9.5 inches so again they’re covering their bases but they could definitely expand this to a larger selection.

Dual Density

At the end of the day the pros highly outweigh the cons. This is just the initial release for the RealRock dual density product line so there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see an expanded range at some point in the future. Realistically the cons are superficial and in no way reflect on the actual toy itself or the technology behind its thermo-reactivity.

To conclude, the RealRock dual density dongs greatly improve upon the everyday dildo. They give the everyday consumer the versatility and quality other fake penises simply do not. With the capability of physical adjustment even posable dongs cannot compete with. And the high grade silicone a lot of dong manufacturers don’t even attempt to use.

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