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There are a lot of Adult Stores in Sydney and New South Wales, but there's a big difference between an adult store and a great adult store. For the most part you can tell the differences between your average store and your best stores and this comes down to several factors such as store appearances, staff, cleanliness, product ranges and so on. When staff have put pride in their store, you know that's going to be one of the fundamental differences between an adult store and the best adult store.


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The Best Sex Stores have been around for more than 25 years now within the Sydney Metropolitan area and it is clear to see why they stand out. They have a sex positive attitude, don't discriminate against sex or gender, and they pride themselves on the appearances of their stores and staff knowledge, and it shows. For Example


Oh Zone stores are structured and set up in a fluid way that tell a story’

Says Manager and Store Merchandiser Belinda.


When you walk into any one of the Best Adult Stores you're greeted by a friendly, and clean staff member that doesn't have the sleaze that is normally associated with adult stores. Indeed, there has been a huge push in recent years to ensure the female friendliness of the Best Adult Stores in Sydney. Belinda acknowledges the idea that for the most part, whilst the customers aren't necessarily women just yet, the majority of the products sold were for women either bought by friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands because they're too shy to come in.

The Best Adult Stores acknowledge this and have tried to address concerns regarding this by making it far more couple friendly, providing intensive staff training, and by ensuring that they have all the latest toys. None of the Best Adult Stores in Sydney will be dark and dinghy, they're brightly lit without being crowded and it's easy to get around these stores, the stores are actually more set up like high-end retail stores than they are Adult Stores. These Stores will pride themselves on making your shopping experience fun, informative and inviting.


Adult Store

Inspiration from various adult stores across America and Europe whom, in recent years, have started setting themselves up in similar ways to what Gucci, Hugo Boss, Prada and Louis Vuitton have set themselves up as. Indeed, stores in Europe such as the Fun Factory Flagship store, have actually spent a lot of money on lead designers, and the top designers in the world to assist in the development of their stores. This mentality of shifting between a Porn Shop When you come into one of the stores, you're greeted and made to feel comfortable, the predominantly female staff make asking questions a breeze, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the level of knowledge that they possess. This level of knowledge allows the staff to even if they don't have the exact same product that you're looking for in stock, to be able to provide the closest stocked product that suits your needs.

These stores pride themselves on their ability to find you exactly the right sex toy that they're after without trying to sell you the most expensive toy in the store. They understand that the toy you're after could a very simple toy, and their philosophy is approaching the customers by giving them the best information that they can, and tailor that information to what the customer needs, and is after.


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There are thousands of unique products in the best adult stores and they understand that it can be a bit intimidating the first time that you come in. It's the mission to find customers the best, and safest products on the market, that are couple friendly, easy to use and completely body safe. They're not going to stock anything that they wouldn't use themselves, and they're constantly on the forefront of new products, newly stocked toys, and exclusive new products constantly rotating their stores, and changing the layout, as often as every few months.  This keep the stores fresh and up-to-date. It may sound simple, yet a lot of work, yet it goes to highlight the consultant’s dedication towards the store and keeping it fresh for the customer.

The best adult stores aren't just adult stores, they work within the community as well between local young adult groups, ACON, WSLHD (Western Sydney Local Health District), SESLHD (South Eastern Sydney Local Health District), Local Urologists and Sexual Health Counselors/Sexual Health Advisors, and Local Counseling groups. We see our mission as to inform, educate and serve the local public in debunking the myths surrounding sex stores, by providing sexual health education, to both the public and local groups who need it. Indeed, the Store at Kogarah, being on the ground floor, is actually well suited for servicing those with disabilities and the store works closely with support services and disability networks to ensure that their clients receive adequate sexual health and product educations.

Why Shop In Best Adult Store Instead of Online

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It's abundantly clear that online shopping is increasing. The past few years have seen online shopping growth rates hit over 14% per year, and the Australian market is worth over 14 billion dollars. However, despite this growth, analysts have predicted that online shopping will not replace the Bricks and Mortar store market just yet in its current form. Online shopping is like tindr dating, photos can be misleading and the product that turns up may not be the product that you have ordered. This is especially true for cheaper online sites, and for the abundance of Ebay Scams and online scams that exist.



Time and time again, we ask ourselves just how safe is online shopping in regards to our personal details. The thing is sex toys are like dating, when you're looking at that tindr profile and someone's marketing themselves to you, what's on the page isn't necessarily what's going to turn up and quite frankly at some point you simply need to go down to the store to check them out, feel them, and hold them. When you're going to be inserting something physically inside you, you want to respect your body enough to see that what the product claims to be, is what the product actually is.

The sex toy industry is unregulated, so if the sex toy claims to be waterproof, if it claims to be super silent, if it claims to be soft and made of safe materials, it doesn't actually have to be and there are few legal repercussions to the seller when it comes to this kind of false advertising in regards to sex toys. That's why it’s imperative that you head down to your store to check things out.

Now don’t get us wrong.  The best adult shops have an online presence and they have online stores.  However the online stores can never offer the customer service of quality guarantees the brick and mortar stores have.  This however comes at a price.  Best Adult Shop online store is roughly 20% more expensive than that purchased in the brick and mortar stores and they do not price match even though it is the same company.  This added costs is because brick and mortar stores have additional costs like rent, wages for the consultants and many other outgoings.  But with this added cost is exceptional and relevant customer service and advice.



One of the biggest differences when it comes to brick and mortar stores and online buying is that when you come down to the store physically, you can actually hold the product in your hands. With the Best Adult Stores we take it that one step further, not only do you get to hold the product, but we will put gloves on (Health and safety reasons) and we will turn the toy on. Want to know if it's powerful, ask us, do you want to know if it's quiet? Ask us. Want to know if you're going to be able to take it with you on holiday, ask us.

Toys can look deceiving when you're viewing them online in a manipulated photo. That little ridge there that you didn't seem to pay much attention can look a hell of a lot bigger in real life, or that angle which you thought would be perfect, now doesn't look so perfect in person. Images can be deceiving, and when it comes to your pleasure, there should be no compromise and no guess work. You should be able to come directly into the store, grab the sex toy that you want, in exactly the size that you want it, and leave content, happy and eager to get that sex toy home and try it out.

Another thing about in store shopping is that you have an expert standing directly in front of you, ready willing and able to provide you with the information you need. Consider them a sexpert if you will. Even if you're not sure on what you're after, our consulting Sexperts are specially trained to ask the right questions in order to assist you on your new sexual journey. It's understood that you may be after something new, and that you're not quite sure what that is yet, that's perfectly okay. The Best Adult Stores consultants can help with that. They can take you on that journey, so you start off with something couple based, and they will show you similar toys, and toys that might work better always giving you options where they can so that you are well informed of the different products, product ranges, and toys that fit into the same arena that you're looking for.



It's this attention to detail, this highly specialized level of care that sets us apart from online shopping and you simply will not get when you shop online, even if the website has a chat person on the other end. The thing about this chat person is that they may be a random individual who’s simply better at googling than you, and realistically has no idea about the actual products that you're asking for.  Our online store we have live chat on at all times during business hours – however we ensure that the live chat girls have some knowledge of the products we sell but pale in comparison to the level of knowledge and expertise our in-store consultants have.

When you're in a physical store, it's much easier to find products that work well together, for example, if you're looking at blindfolds or something similar, it's far easier to find products that will work well with that, such as massage oils, ticklers and handcuffs. That's the job of the highly specialized Best Adult Store Team, who are there to assist you in your shopping experience, make you feel comfortable and ensure that you leave for home, happy.

What Best Adult Stores Stock

Best Adult Stores Stock | Range In Best Adult Shop

Products Best Adult Shop | Sex Toy Product Range


The Best Adult Shops stocks an amazing bondage range. Many of our staff are involved in the Fetlife community, and active in the BDSM community, and as such when it comes to BDSM products, they know what they like, what to stock, and how to get them. They are the largest supplier of Hells Couture, and also stock a variety of unique artisan pieces, both in leather and in surgical steel. Indeed the stock is the largest collection of stainless steel sex toys in Australia with a collection totaling more than a thousand unique, and individual pieces including their specialties penis plugs and male chastity devices.



When it comes to the BDSM community, The Best Adult Stores know their stuff, not only are they associated with Hellfire, but they have at least one staff member per store that's in some way involved with the BDSM community. This isn't necessarily by accident either, for example all the Oh Zone Staff each have their own specialties and are specifically trained in certain areas above all else. The Best Adult Stores likes to have sexperts that are both involved with a particular community, and are highly trained to cater towards that particularly community. What this means is that if you're involved in a particular minority group, not only are you almost guaranteed to get a staff member that's trained in that, but there's also a chance that you'll get a staff member that's also involved in that community as well. Thereby increasing their ability to understand what you're after. It's one thing to know your products, it's another thing to understand them both inside and out.




They will stock a variety of leather pieces to tickle whatever BDSM fetish that you have. If you're after impact play - you'll find a decent collection of whips, paddles, crops and other tools to ensure that you're getting the punishment (or dishing it out) that you both need and deserve. If you're looking at Masks, then there'll be a collection of hoods and masks in the stores, as well as a catalogue of things that they can get in. Everything from leather cockrings, to leather leashes, to hoods and masks, then they're going to have it in stock. And that's not all. When you're looking for product knowledge in regards to both usage and care, they will have it. The thing is that a lot of people forget how to look after their leather products, and whilst our consultants love their customers, they don't want to see them come back due to poor maintenance or an inferior product. So they pride themselves on taking care of the little aspects like that.

Display cabinets full of surgical steel toys are in all stores. Whilst specializing in Urethral Stimulators, cock cages. Urethral toys and sets, they also stock a wide selection in medical play as well. Urethral play is becoming a popular form of BDSM play and especially when it comes to toys like this they're something that you actually want to come in, have a look at, as opposed to buying online. By seeing urethral toys in front of you, you can quickly, and easily determine exactly where it’s suitable or not, and as opposed to clicking between half a dozen pages (or more) you can accurately and quickly select several pieces from a shelf to more closely inspect side by side. As mentioned, photos can lie especially since the goal of a photo is to sell a product, as opposed to simply informing you about that particular product.



The Best Adult stores in Sydney does not need to specialize in specific fetishes (such as suspension, breathing play, vacuum devices, bondage furniture, cages etc). First there are other places that do that quite well, and secondly as much as we would simply love to stock everything, we simply cannot. There's not an infinite amount of room, and that's simply not the way to do business. A motto that they admire is;

'if you cater to everyone you cater to no-one'

it's an apt statement. The stores have a niche market in terms of providing a store for men, couples, women, Minority Groups and specialty products and intend to keep it like that unless our loyal customers tell us otherwise.

Oh Zone also have a large range of surgical steel items and these items range from medical fetish play, to steel cock rings, cock cages/chastity devices, steel stretchers, and nipple toys. The medical fetish items range from impact toys to test reflexes, tuning forks, warternberg wheels and of course speculums for vaginal and anal play. If you don't know what these toys are, then it's highly recommended that you come down to check them out. They're unique and fun toys that are often neglected as people find them a bit too out there. But it is assuredly the case that their bark is worse than their bite.



The thing is, if you're after bondage toys, Oh Zone and it's staff will be more than happy to help you out, and if you've managed to hit on a product that they do not have in stock, they'll be more than happy to source it out for you and let you know if they can get it in and/or where to get it from. That's one of the differences between a good adult store, and the best Adult Store and Oh Zone certainly hits that nail on the head.

The Best Adult Store Customer Service

Best Adult Shop Service | Customer Service Best Adult Store

Sex Toy Service | Servicing The Best Adult Shop


The Best Adult Shops pride themselves on their excellent customer service skills, and its customer service is what makes Oh Zone the Best Adult Stores in Sydney. It abides by several key principles when it comes to customer service.

The Best Adult Store in Sydney Understands that the primary key to customer service is to build relationships with their customers. Granted, it's a little more difficult in such an intimate setting however the Staff are trained in making people feel comfortable in a calm and professional manner. The thing is they understand that for some it's going to take a while to become adjusted to the store. However the staff will actively ensure that you feel comfortable, whether it takes getting a glass of water to ensure that you're not flustered, giving you space to ensure that you can become accustomed to the store, or running with the flow depending on how confident you are.


Customer Service Pride


The consultants promote construction of a positive, helpful, and friendly environment and it is our fundamental mission to ensure that the customer leaves happy, either with the product they were seeking or similar, or with the information that they were after. The thing is this; when it comes to customer service, They Understand that a happy customer is a returning customer. Businesses these days thrive on not just reviews, but also word of mouth and it is essential to provide not just good customer service but the best customer service. To provide the best customer service a few of these principles need to be adhered to.


1. Your customers define good customer service

Our Customers understand what good service is. And that customer service will vary depending on the store, the aim of the store, and the store set up. They respect the variances in customer service across our stores and our services are tailored to area, clientele, and the biggest selling items of each store. And the Best Adult Store in Sydney treats their customers in a way that makes them relaxed in the environment that they're in, and they pride themselves on having that ability.


2. Customer Expectations

Customers have expectations in regards to their store. They expect that the store will have the newest products in, they expect that the store will be constantly changed, and they expect that the stores grow with the customers’ needs and requests. There eventually comes a point, especially with BDSM clients, that the client will out-grow the store - but it's a journey for both the store and for the customer. Customers also expect the staff to be knowledgeable and to be informed, and the Staff of the best adult store in Sydney are regularly sent to different training groups provided by suppliers and are well informed in their areas of expertise. The stores staff also understand the importance of actually listening to the client’s needs, understanding that need, and then advising them.


3. Follow up on Positive and Negative Feedback

Feedback means that the store is evolving, and growing. And quite frankly, it's impossible to attempt to please all clients, but The Best Adult Store acknowledges that there have been points where we could improve. All constructive criticisms of the stores are passed up to the relevant person, and it is ensured that these criticisms are dealt with where appropriate. As such, it allows Oh Zone to become one of the best Adult Stores in Sydney and also to consider how to achieve point 4 and point 5.



4. Consider customer service in all aspects

In respects to ensuring that the customer receives the product and/or information that they want. Further that the best adult store in Sydney provides good quality after care in relation to the sales of the products that they stock.


5. Look for ways to improve the customer service in all aspects.

Business change, clients change and what separates good businesses from the best businesses, is their willingness and ability to update with the times, and not straggle behind.

These are just some of the key differences between a good store, and the best adult store in Sydney. Regardless of where you're from, if you're a local, or if you're visiting Sydney from overseas and just looking for things to do. You need to visit the best adult store in Sydney in order to truly understand the differences between customer service of this store, and everywhere else. Customer service is not just about having rules, regulations and staff training, it's about picking the people for the stores that epitomize those philosophies and engage in that mentality, not just in the store, but also in life.